Modding The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth through dynamic code injection.

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Welcome to isaac-injector

isaac-injector is a project dedicated to creating a simple, easy-to-use modding API for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. We do not claim any ownership of the game, and by using software in any form, you are agreeing that you own a legitimate copy of the game (sorry for the legalese, I'd rather not get sued). You may find the game here. If you wish to add to the project, please do so! Create a local fork, and make a pull request!

$ git clone 
$ cd isaac-injector

If you're using Mac, I'm sorry. So far we only support Windows.

How do I work this thing?

My best advice to you would be to slowly sift through the source. The C++ end can be especially hard to understand, since there are a lot of WinAPI calls and other low level stuff. Basically the C++ DLL is injected by the .NET console app. The DLL waits for the game to hit certain addresses in memory, then raises events back to the .NET app. A high-level wrapper around the whole thing in .NET allows for custom plugin development without months of research on the topic.

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first and foremost, create an issue on github.

If that doesn't work, email us at or

If even that fails, look for omnichroma on Steam.